Science vs. Upward Evolution (Without Genetic Load)
Why do evolutionists confuse the public by showing examples of downward evolution, and then claiming this proves upward evolution?  How can accidents lead to the increases in genetic information required by upward evolution? (Your DNA has 3 billion letters--base pairs). And even if the billions of upward evolutionary accidents could happen, how could any creature avoid too much genetic load (accumulation of too many bad accidents)?  See the following article with links to other references from Ph.D. scientists.

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Accidents Create Upward Evolution?
Do the Math
By Geoffrey Rowe, Elec. Eng. Kennedy Space Center

Acccidents Lead to 747?When you have the truth, education is the best way to win the war of ideas.  When you know you are not following the truth, you hide the conflicting data and ideas.  Honest, genuine science invites refutation; pseudoscience tries to silence disagreement (pseudo means “false”).

1860’s Darwinism was scientifically proven false (their sourse for new organs, new features, new information was proven false when genetics was discovered).  So in the early 1900s evolutionists kept the popular name -Darwinian evolution.  They now had to say random accidents (genetic mutations) were the actual driving force behind upward evolution.  But accidents create wrecks, not upward evolving life. See Darwin in Light of 150 Years of Error.

Upward evolution requires an increase in genetic information, and the evolutionist's only source is genetic accidents (random mutations to the DNA).  Do accidents increase genetic information?  Evolutionists claim that “simple” single cell life evolved over 500 million years to all we see today (Cambrian explosion to today).

Do the math.  Their “simple cell” organism supposedly had around 500,000 base pairs in its genetic code (500,000 “letters” in its DNA code).

Getting 500,000 letters arranged into a life-duplicating code, with all the supporting molecular machines needed to read this code and build the cell’s parts, is not “simple” even for thousands of teams of intelligent scientists, let alone the mindless accidents (random mutations) that evolutionists believe in.  This video looks inside a human cell (a 3D animation, Windows wmv format), where over 85% of all structures inside the cell are removed so you can see as you “travel” inside this cell.

So how did upward evolution go from 500,000 “letters” to 3,300,000,000 “letters” for the human DNA?  That is an increase in information (upward evolution without genetic load) of 6.6 new DNA “letters” (good accidents) per year, just for humans (6.6 = 3.3B/500M).  And some animals and plants have far more than 3,300,000,000 “letters.”

It is even worse for their ape-to-human upward evolution.

Do the math.  Evolutionists claim the differences between human DNA and ape DNA is only 3%.  This turns out to be wrong (see this article or this one which states that “... the first time such an apparently unbiased large-scale comparison had actually been done. The results were completely unexpected and radically contradicted the standard evolutionary dogma which pervades the scientific community. The research paper …”).  But even if it is true, do the math. 3% of 3,300,000,000 = 99,000,000 accidents. That means upward evolution had to accidentally make 99,000,000 “good” changes over the last 3 to 5 million years for their imaginary “ape-like” creature to evolve into a human.  That means upward evolution was caused by the 20 to 33 accidents every year for 3 to 5 million years. (33 accidents per year = 99,000,000 accidents / 3,000,000 years)  See this more detailed answer to Scientific American’s best arguments for upward evolution.  Mutations as shown to the right remind us of the destructive power of accidents.

Upward evolution requires many many many miracles.  Miracles violate the known laws of science such as the:

Accidents do not evolve upward, let alone billions of upward accidents. That would require a miracle.  Evolutionists do not seem to mind supernatural events (i.e. miracles) as long as they do not point to a Supernatural Being who they are accountable to.  Just like teenagers often rebel against the authority of their parents, evolutionists are rebelling against the evidence for the Supernatural Being (the God of the Bible), to Whom they are accountable. 

So if we are not an accident, how would we prove we have a reliable message from our Creator?  How would you prove the Bible is really from such a Supernatural Being?  See Miraculous Bible at  

Even if you do not believe the Bible, check out the evidence for yourself, unless you want to follow today’s pseudo-science where opposing views are not allowed.  True science puts the evidence to the test, just like the Bible commands in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 and 1 John 4:1.  Does your “science” cause you to follow the truth wherever it leads?  Ours does.

But you may ask, “How can so many scientists be wrong?” (fallacy of consensus)  See this article that includes admissions like these;

British evolutionist Sir Arthur Keith once remarked: “Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable!”

D.M.S. Watson, who held the position of the Chair of Evolution at the University of London for more than twenty years, echoed the same sentiments when he stated: “Evolution itself is accepted by zoologists, not because it has been observed to occur or can be proven by logically coherent evidence to be true, but because the only alternative, special creation, is incredible.

Or maybe you think “Christianity” looks like an accident with all the different groups teaching contradictory doctrines?  The Bible even says that these false, contradicting doctrines would come (Acts 20:30) and shows you a way to avoid their errors (1 Thess 5:21 and Matt 7:15-20).  See “Why Are There So Many Churches?” on the website.

Or maybe you object to Christianity because of all the evil pain and suffering in the world.  See

Again, thank you for taking the time to consider the evidence.  There is much more at: